Posted on January 25, 2019 by staff

Swedish giant acquires tech solutions provider


Technology solutions provider Distec Ltd has been acquired by Swedish giant KAMIC Group AB.

Distec Ltd was founded in 1992 and over the years has built a strong reputation and extensive expertise in industrial, medical and digital technology solutions.

The company represents a number of world-leading manufacturers such as ELO, Nexcom, CKS, Wincomm, Siemens and others, and offers total solutions including support to customers in many different sectors across the UK and Irish markets. Manchester-based Distec’s annual sales are £3.8 million.

“Distec is a well-run company with a fine history and is a highly-regarded supplier in its product niche. KAMIC Group is already established in the UK with a number of successful technology companies, so Distec fits nicely into our group where we can offer organisational support, contacts and expertise for continued development and expansion,” said Fredrik Celsing, President and CEO of KAMIC Group.

The previous owner and managing director of Distec, Noel Sheppard, will stay on with Distec. He said: “This sale to KAMIC Group makes Distec Ltd part of a larger group which will provide support and opportunities which strengthen conditions for a continued positive development for the company and our employees.”

Former company director Adrian Swindells will be retiring with the acquisition, he added: “The acquisition by KAMIC Group is a fantastic exciting opportunity for Distec and its employees moving forward in to the future. I will watch with enormous pride the new business going forward and I wish the KAMIC Group and all employees a very bright exciting future.”