Posted on January 28, 2020 by staff

SuperAwesome raises £13m as Microsoft takes stake


SuperAwesome has secured £17m funding, with Microsoft’s venture fund M12 taking a stake in the business.

Founded in 2013, the London firm which makes the internet safer for kids is profitable.

It explained why it had decided to bring M12 on board.

“We feel this transaction represents an important milestone,” read a statement.

“Last week’s enactment of the Age Appropriate Design Code in the UK is a preview of how the internet will look in five years. Laws will not just protect kids’ digital privacy, but they will also ensure that any general audience service supports kids as one of their main user types.

“Making the internet safer for kids is a sector-agnostic mission. As increasing numbers of companies outside of the core kids sector realise that children cannot be ignored, we’ve begun to shift our horizons to the wider internet.

“In our first meeting with M12, we instantly realised that they shared our perspective and values on both privacy and responsibility by design for children.

“As major technology companies begin to embrace kids and their privacy through KidTech, we’re proud to lead the way with Microsoft and M12.”

Hoxton Ventures, Mayfair, Harbert, Ibis and angels have also backed the start-up.

“In 2013 we started as a handful of people in a room, mostly being turned down by investors,” continued the statement.

“Today our KidTech platform enables over 12 billion kid-safe transactions every month, ranging from advertising and video to community and parental consent.

“The ‘powered by SuperAwesome’ logo is appearing on increasing numbers of consumer experiences which either directly or indirectly engage with kids.

“We’re just getting started.”