Posted on February 6, 2017 by staff

Super Bowl Amazon ad teases Prime Air drone deliveries


Amazon teased drone deliveries in the United States with a Super Bowl advert featuring Doritos.

The ad showed a man and a woman sitting on a sofa watching an American football game on TV.

The man munches a handful of the tortilla chips, licks his fingers and returns his hand to the bowl for another helping.

The disgusted woman says to her Amazon Echo: “Alexa, reorder Doritos from Prime Air.”

The response from the smart speaker comes: “Ok, look for delivery soon.”

A delivery drone, the same model tested in the UK last year, then hovers into view outside the window.

The disclaimers at the end of the ad informed viewers that drone delivery is not yet available in US cities from Amazon Prime Air, but the message is clear – Amazon intends to start them at some point soon.

However it was 300 other drones that stole the show as the New England Patriots secured a famous comeback victory over the Atlanta Falcons, winning 34-28 in overtime.

During Lady Gaga’s halftime show a fleet of Intel-powered drones soared into the sky behind her, creating an amazing spectacle with their lights including the American flag.

Intel’s Shooting Stars system, used to control the drones, was first seen at Disney World recently.