Posted on May 8, 2019 by staff

Student task app launches Manchester homeless initiative


Student app UniDosh has set up an initiative to provide vital food and drink for Manchester’s homeless.

The initiative, called #Task4Homeless, hopes to combat one of the UK’s highest homeless mortality rates, due to a number of causes including starvation.

The #Task4Homeless campaign has been set up by co-founders and longtime school friends of UniDosh, Oliver Jacobs and Joseph Black in conjunction with The Manchester Central Foodbank in an effort to raise awareness and food donations to tackle the homelessness hunger crisis.

Richard, an ex-royal military police officer, now homeless in Manchester said: “Without the foodbank, I don’t think I would be here today.”

The pair’s app is a platform which allows students to complete jobs and tasks and earn extra income.

The start-up has pledged to make a food donation to The Manchester Central Foodbank for every job ortask posted on the UniDosh app throughout May.

It currently possess a workforce of 5,000 students, also referred to as ‘UniTaskers’.

“This is not a UniDosh project but a City of Manchester project” commented UniDosh Co-Founder, Joseph Black, “The next time you need something done, whether that be cleaning, gardening, office assistance if you task a student to do it on the UniDosh app you’ll contribute towards the #Task4Homeless campaign and feed a homeless person in the city.”

Oliver Jacobs, UniDosh Co-Founder continued: “Over the years we have both played active roles in a number of charity organisations. UniDosh was recently reborn in Manchester, having spent the last year focusing on a product rebranding.

“We saw this as a good opportunity to do some good for the city of Manchester and run a charitable launch in an effort to gain further awareness for this very much needed cause.”