ScreenHits TV, a ‘super-aggregator’ service for streaming TV content, has raised a further £1.6m in Series A funding.

Founder and CEO Rose Adkins Hulse comes from a career in media which included time at The Hollywood Reporter, NBC Universal, and The Sundance Institute.

Now turned tech entrepreneur, her firm has created a service which is designed to aggregate existing streaming subscriptions and internet video into one interface.

The London firm will offer a platform to stream content from providers including HBOMax, Amazon Prime, and Netflix, and will offer packages designed to allow customers to only pay for channels they watch.

The latest round comes as the firm prepare for its UK and US launch this year, and included investors Edward Mackay, Rory Flemming, Jonathan Marshall, and Paul Atkinson of Par Equity, who were part of previous investment rounds in ScreenHits TV.

The company has also secured match funding from government programme Future Fund.

The new capital will be used for customer acquisition through marketing and advertising.

“ScreenHits TV is truly disrupting the home viewing marketplace, through the creation of an intuitive platform and the thoughtful use of data science to improve content discovery across streaming services,” said investor Atkinson.

“With impressive proprietary technology and an extremely user-friendly experience, ScreenHits TV has the opportunity to meaningfully change how people worldwide find and consume content.”

“Customers currently are spending 90 percent of their time on just one app out of all the apps they may subscribe to, and not fully taking advantage of their other subscriptions, which often leads to subscription cancellation,” Hulse told Hollywood Reporter.

“ScreenHits TV gives the consumer equal discovery opportunities on each platform and reminds them what they are watching across a number of apps and channels, minimizing churn for providers.”