Flight Story, a communications group founded by BBC Dragon Steven Bartlett, has invested in startup Nuevo.

Nuevo’s ambition is to be recognised as the world’s most purpose-driven creative agency by helping the media and advertising industry adopt environmentally friendly practices.

It claims that the marketing and advertising industry has created a carbon footprint which is now larger than that of civil aviation and, with spend on video surging by 78% in the last two years, the problem is to worsen.

Nuevo says its offering of creatives, strategists, operations specialists and consultants, along with innovative tracking technology, makes it perfectly positioned to work with brands, clients and creative partners that recognise the importance of people-planet-profit and want to drive a cleaner approach to marketing. 

It currently works with some of the world’s biggest brands – including Canada Goose, Extreme-E, Ernst & Young and Ordnance Survey – to track the true environmental impact of every project in the same way a conventional agency tracks only spending and budget.

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Nuevo’s partnership with Flight Story will allow the business to scale, helping more brands move towards true Net Zero marketing. 

“We are backing Nuevo today, for a better world tomorrow,” said Flight Story co-founder Bartlett. “By investing in Nuevo, we are investing in both the planet as well as the future of the marketing and advertising industry, where we will work together as we look to reverse the industry’s contribution to climate change.”

Jax Davey, Nuevo CEO and founder, added: “For years the ad industry has helped brands tell their incredible stories of innovation and commitment in this space; it’s now time to tell ours. 

“With Flight Story’s support, we look forward to continuing to offer existing and new clients a solution that allows them to make positive change through accurate data and proven frameworks.”

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