Are you checking your website analytics over and over again, wondering why growth is so slow? Perhaps online ad campaigns are the solution for you. 

With the rise of social media usage and increasing competition in PPC marketing, more and more business owners are eyeing running lucrative ad campaigns that give them 5x, 10x, or even 20x ROI.

But where do they go wrong? What are the best practices? We asked a leading marketing specialist from Dubai, Stergo Media’s Aleksandr Suchkov.

1. How important would you say is the role played by online ad campaigns in digital marketing?

Online ad campaigns are vital for the health of your digital brand. You cannot have a good brand without a good marketing spend. The best part about marketing campaigns is that the ROI is many times more than the net investment. That’s always the case – unless you have no clue how you’re configuring your targeting, how you’re setting up the ad copy, etc.

2. Many business owners often complain about how their campaigns aren’t cost-effective. What do they need to work on?

Yes, I too talk with many fresh entrepreneurs who are struggling with poorly-performing ad campaigns. My advice to them? You try different options, do extensive split testing, and don’t say “I have the hang of it now” when one of your initial campaigns apparently gives you sweet results.

The only way to get there is to learn. Ultimately, how cost-effective your ad strategy is will determine how long you stay in business before a competitor crushes you.

For example, at Stergo Media, we use a proprietary algorithm called NDWBW, short for No Dollar Will Be Wasted. Essentially, we have optimized and fine-tuned our workflows to a point where you squeeze the most value out of every penny you spend on ad campaigns. Our algorithm utilizes huge datasets to learn and adapt for hundreds of different industries and thousands of niches, ultimately leveraging AI technology to chart the best course of action.

3. What is the best way to maximize the bang for the buck when it comes to advertising online?

Well, in my experience, it differs from industry to industry. It works differently for bloggers, authors, influencers, service providers, artists, ecommerce stores, etc. Within each category too, it depends on your overall branding and strategy.

A good starting point is to analyze multiple low-cost ad campaigns to see what configuration works best for you. For example, run call us ads and lead generation ads on Meta with a video and a carousel. Run 3-4 different types of PPC campaigns. And so on.

Analyze performance over a month and you will have your answer.

4. Is it true that having a solid social media presence is required to run a successful business?

It depends but mostly the answer is yes. Today is a world of digital brands. It’s a time of cloud, automation, AI, and most importantly – digital marketing to push your ideas, communicate your message, and ultimately sell your product to the masses.

Social media plays a pivotal role here. I always recommend picking a decent SMM toolkit to manage your social media marketing strategy.

The strategy doesn’t need to be extremely complex or detailed. It just needs to work – and I’m constantly surprised by how businesses do so much with such little strategy.