Posted on August 21, 2015 by staff

Stephen Allot Steps Down from SME Representative


Stephen Allot has taken on a new role in G-Cloud and Digital Marketplace development after stepping down from Crown Representative for SMEs.

Allot’s role has been important in the technology buying policy that was introduced after the 2010 general election where the coalition government promised to increase its spend with SMEs.

Allot worked to build a dialogue between the government and suppliers, but the delay in replacing him has raised concerns about the government’s commitment to SMEs.

Associate director for central government at techUK believes Allot had done a great job of working with SMEs.

“It’s really important that he is replaced and that SMEs have a point of contact to act as a voice for SMEs in government,” she said. “It’s a symbol of the government’s commitment to businesses.”

Earlier this month the Ministry of Defence signed two contracts worth almost £1.5bn altogether illustrating its commitment to big suppliers. The government yesterday also announced it has signed a new four year deal with long-term government supplier Oracle.