Reskube, the UK start-up responsible for an innovative remote-working resilience solution, has successfully raised £500,000 via a crowdfunding campaign.

The company behind the Reskube, an always-on power and internet solution in a smart, portable box, will use the money to further enhance its product development and global distribution.

The £500,000 fund raise took just under six weeks to complete and followed a successful 12 months during which the company’s signature product, Reskube Home, won the BCI Global Continuity and Resilience Innovation Award.

Having enjoyed early success domestically, Reskube aims to take on power and internet poverty around the world, not least in the likes of South Africa and USA, where power interruptions are commonplace.

UK-based Reskube was launched in April 2021 by businessman Andrew Lawton, who has a history in successfully building channel-focused service businesses.

Lawton said: “We are delighted to have hit our crowdfunding target of £500,000 in under six weeks. This is a significant milestone for us. Unbroken connectivity should no longer be a luxury, but a necessity – yet for millions it remains a global postcode lottery.

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“Power and internet outages affect us far beyond the home office. From leisure pursuits like camping and gaming, to vital operations such as doctor surgeries and mobile medical centres in emergency zones, the breadth of use for this technology is enormous.

“This investment will allow us to bring our innovative technology to the global markets which need it most. It takes us one step further towards bridging the connectivity gap and ensuring equal reliable access to internet and power.”

Figures from ONS earlier this year revealed that nearly 40 per cent of the UK workforce work from home in some capacity.

However, according to Reskube, the majority of their home working set ups do not match the infrastructure of traditional offices. Across the globe, many nations have seen daily power cuts become a part of everyday life, taking them offline for hours at a time.

Reskube was designed to solve these new challenges posed by the home working revolution to provide a simple solution to an avoidable problem.

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