Cue, a fast-growing provider of customer service chat software with a strong presence in the UK, has closed its seed funding round of £1.6 million from angel investors.

The funding will be used to deliver deeper integration of artificial intelligence into Cue’s customer service platform and fuel the company’s growth and expansion.

Driven by the growing demand for efficient customer service solutions, Cue has streamlined the way businesses interact with their customers through its chat software. 

By leveraging AI, Cue empowers businesses to deliver personalised, proactive support in real-time, improving customer satisfaction, loyalty, and the overall experience.

The business – headquartered in South Africa with the UK as a parallel key market – is working with a wide range of household names including Unilever, BMW, Audi, Sage and AXA.

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“We are thrilled to have secured funding which will enable us to take Cue to the next level and another big step forward towards our next milestone,” said Richard Nischk, CEO. 

“This investment will fuel our mission to deliver cutting-edge AI-powered solutions that transform the customer service landscape globally. With deeper AI integration, businesses can streamline their support operations and help their customers in a much faster and more valuable way.”

In tandem with the investment, Cue has appointed its executive founders to C-level leadership positions. 

Rhett Trickett assumes the role of chief product officer, Ryan Egnos is now chief revenue officer and Richard Nischk (pictured) becomes CEO.

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