Posted on September 22, 2016 by staff

Start-ups urged to show bravery in attacking US market


The importance of breaking into the American market early has been highlighted by the co-founder of a software security company which has been tipped for future unicorn status.

Paul Kenyon of Manchester-based Avecto said that showing a bit of bravery as a start-up could make all the difference down the line.

“We decided to attack the US market early,” he told a BusinessCloud conference.

“Not many firms will set up an office across the Atlantic when they are still essentially a start-up but we put down roots in Boston, MA early, even though we remained headquartered in Manchester.

“It’s certainly paid dividends and more than half of our sales are now from US customers.”

Cyber security and the growing FinTech sector will be the subject of a BusinessCloud business breakfast in Manchester on November 2.

It will hear from some of the UK’s most innovative FinTech firms and discuss the omnipresent danger of cyber security.


Kenyon still recognises the importance of the more traditional elements, such as a strong team and tech offering.

“I’m certainly the salesman of the two of us, and I have a keen eye for the right hire while ensuring the sales team are as enthusiastic and energetic as I am,” he said.

“Mark [Austin, Avecto’s other co-founder] on the other hand has the creative game-changing technical ability, which inspires his equally talented development team.

“It’s this combination that allowed us to turn Mark’s ideas into a commercial success.”

Standing out from the crowd is also vital for any company hoping to hit the big time.

“We operate in an incredibly competitive market,” said Kenyon.

“We always have to focus on innovation. If we don’t think outside the box or try to do things differently we’ll be overtaken and lose our market share.

“That’s why innovation is at the very core of Avecto and always will be.”