Posted on May 30, 2019 by staff

Start-up launches first personality-based jobseeking platform


London start-up Talentful has created the world’s first personality-based jobseeking platform.

Founded in 2015, the firm has since worked with hundreds of companies with the aim to help them build ‘game-changing teams’, including WeWork, Acast, Bloomberg, and Starling Bank.

Talentful has launched its ‘Insightful’ culture matching platform, created with new technology, insights from psychometric experts, and Talentful’s four years of experience helping companies build teams.

The tailored questions aim to algorithmically calculate the jobseeker’s personality type, to give one of eight personality archetypes: the Leader, the Innovator, the Team Player, the Adaptable One, the Executor, the Analyst, the Influencer, or the Entrepreneur.

The platform then connects jobseekers to positions available on the market based on the results, showing jobs and giving a personalised culture fit score out of 100 for each position.

“Over the last few years Talentful has helped some of the best tech companies in the world build great teams, and we’ll still continue to do that,” said Phil Blaydes, Talentful founder and co-CEO.

“But now we’re also focused on giving power back to the jobseekers, giving them the best chance for them to find their ideal team by matching their unique personality with the perfect role.

“Our mission at Talentful is to unleash human potential and we believe the new culture matching platform is an exciting step to help people enjoy work and get more fulfilment from their careers.”