An online phenomenon which simply sees people open boxes of luxury goods is behind the growing success of a ground-breaking new way to buy top brands with major discounts. 

Hybe allows shoppers the chance to snap up goods from fashion heavyweights such as Gucci, Yeezy and Louis Vuitton for as much as 95 percent off the retail price. 

And it owes much of its burgeoning appeal to a YouTube trend where vloggers unwrap designer items to show to their fans. 

Some of these videos rack up millions of views, tapping into the simple pleasure of being excited about a new purchase. 


Barbara Adelson, Vice President of Global Strategic Marketing at Hybe, said: “There’s growing interest in the world of unboxings, with the most popular unboxers amassing millions of subscribers and counting. 

“The concept is pretty simple: choosing boxes to open and sharing the excitement when you’ve got a new outfit or gadget to show off. 

“At Hybe, you open mystery boxes for fashion and tech, which means you could end up owning the latest gear worth hundreds of pounds for less than a fiver. 

“You could get kitted out with top designer brands and nobody would even know you only spent a few pounds. 

“We see ourselves as disrupters to traditional retail spaces, letting people shop for luxury products without the hefty price tag. 


UrAvgConsumer is one of YouTube’s best-known unboxers and boasts almost three million subscribers on the video streaming site. 

The channel features technology guru Judner Aura opening top-of-the-range goods including games consoles, mobile phones and headphones. 

Incredibly, his videos have amassed almost four billion views – showcasing the relentless demand for this type of content. 

Hybe allows users to tap into this simple pleasure, with a guarantee that every single product on offer is completely authentic and verified by third party reviewers. 

Prices start at just £2 and customer reviews have been glowing, with an average rating of 4.8 out of 5 from over 10,000 reviews on TrustPilot. 

Items range from luxury handbags, shoes and watches to T-shirts and hats. 


Users can shop safely in the knowledge that if they are not happy with the item their box produces, they can exchange it back for credit. Hybe also offers users their first box for free when signing up. 

It uses a transparent validation system where users can check their generated ‘Hybe seed’ after purchase to show the outcome was not influenced in favour of the website. 

Adelson added: “Hybe is an exciting new way to shop and proves that you don’t have to spend a fortune to own the latest must-haves. 

“Our products are all independently verified to guarantee authenticity and if you do end up getting something that isn’t your style, you can easily exchange it for credit. 

“Hybe is the ticket to the biggest brands at the lowest prices and we think it’ll change the world of luxury shopping forever.”