London startup Unmind has acquired digital Dublin health platform Frankie Health.

The latest acquisition will enable the workplace mental health platform to provide a new service to its customer – Unmind Talk – to change the way employees access mental health and wellbeing support.

Unmind supports some of the world’s leading organisations including Uber, Major League Baseball, Nationwide, Standard Chartered, MediaCom and British Airways.

Unmind CEO and co-founder Dr Nick Taylor said: “Today marks a significant milestone in the Unmind journey. Unmind will always advocate that prevention is better than cure, but in order to fulfil our vision and become the most trusted and effective global partner for transforming organisational and employee mental health, we must do more.

“From the very first days of Unmind, we knew we could drive change by combining the best of science with scalable, digital tools. Extending that further by integrating expert human services allows us to fully support our members through the flow of care, giving them frictionless access to quality practitioners from around the world.”

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Frankie Health co-founders James McGann and Seb Poole, along with the rest of the team, will be joining Unmind after the deal.

McGann said: “We started Frankie Health to build the future of employee mental health. It was so exciting to meet Nick and see that Unmind has the same vision. It’s widely acknowledged that Unmind develops the best-in-class preventative support.

“Frankie Health has the highest quality global community of therapists and coaches. Combined we can achieve our shared vision of empowering progressive companies and their global workforces.”

Poole added: “The traditional Employee Assistance Programme (EAP) model is broken.  Despite the growing need for mental health support in the workplace, traditional EAP call centres are often unable to meet the demands of employees.

“In fact, only 5 per cent  of employees phone their EAP’s call centre, and 42 per cent of callers are rejected for therapy due to limited sessions and low-quality therapy services.

“We can make so much more of an impact by providing a modern, progressive solution with easy access to expert practitioners.”

Unmind Talk ensures that every employee can find a practitioner they can truly connect with, who understands their cultural values, and is available at a time that works for them.

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It provides access to a diverse selection of fully accredited practitioners in over 50 languages and across every major time zone, all in just four clicks.

Employees get a personalised number of sessions coupled with access to Unmind’s existing digital solutions ensuring support doesn’t end when the session does.

The Unmind platform provides organisations with anonymised global data and insights, helping employers drive informed decisions to aid employee wellbeing.

Powerful research and analytics join the dots between employee turnover, absenteeism and mental ill-health, empowering businesses to measure, shape and prove the impact of their workplace wellbeing strategy.

Unmind works with over 200 organisations globally, with offices in London, New York and Sydney.

Founded in 2016, Unmind’s mission is to help companies create mentally healthy workplaces, where employees can flourish.