Posted on April 11, 2019 by staff

Midlands VR firm launches first experience on major platforms


A UK developer of immersive and mobile experiences has deployed its first virtual reality experience across leading VR platforms Google Play, Google Daydream, Oculus Store, Samsung Gear VR and the Apple Appstore.

Staffordshire-based Dev Clever’s core framework enables for the development of multiplayer, immersive, full 360-degree VR experiences and games.

They allow groups of users to be connected to the same experience from all over the world regardless of which platform or device they’re using and compete or collaborate with each other in real-time with minimal connectivity.

Developed over the last 2 years, the framework allows the listed company to quickly deploy competitive games and seasonally themed VR experiences as well as immersive eLearning and training modules

These can be made available to the mass market across all mobile VR platforms and devices, reducing the cost of development and increasing accessibility to global audiences.

The first example of this deployment, Easter Squad VR, is a collaborative, seasonally themed experience

The seven minutes interactive experience is the first of the firm’s multiple seasonally themed games including Halloween and Christmas versions this year.

Later this year, Dev Clever will also offer these games as a premium retail gift, when sold with a cardboard VR headset, in retail shops and by online retailers.

They will also be available across our expanding network of leisure partners offering the out of home multiplayer VR version of Vanguard: Fight for Rudiarius.

“This is the final framework to be released from Dev Clever,” said Chris Jeffries CEO.

“The core virtual reality framework allows the company to leverage greater opportunities through all three of our channels, by providing multiuser eLearning and training modules to our Educate customers and selling immersive multiplayer gaming experiences through our hospitality, leisure, brand and retail customers.

“At the same time, the platform is able to deliver the launches of Vanguard: Flight or Rudiarius to the play-at-home VR market in the coming weeks.

“This exciting step forward positions Dev Clever at the heart of immersive education, consumer engagement and competitive gaming.