No-code platform Stacker has raised £15 million to enable teams to create software with no technical knowledge. 

It enables people to turn a single spreadsheet into a standalone app to give to colleagues or customers. 

The London-based startup’s Series A round was led by Andreessen Horowitz, with participation from existing investors Initialized Capital, Pentech, Pioneer Fund and Y Combinator.

“We’ve been watching the no-code space for a while, and Stacker stands apart from the rest because of its thoughtful product approach, allowing business operators to instantly generate a functional app that perfectly fits existing business processes,” said Andreessen Horowitz partner Jennifer Li.

“We’re thrilled to be partnering with Stacker on their mission to create the future of software.”

Michael Skelly, CEO and co-founder of Stacker, said: “We’ve seen tremendous growth, even through the pandemic. Over the past year, we’ve gained thousands of customers, more than quadrupled our revenue and user base and grown our team. 

“Stacker is trusted by companies such as Samsung, Audible, Adobe and Mozilla to create apps powered by their own data.

“Nearly everyone uses a few common tools for their work – email, spreadsheets, and instant messaging. In the future, everyone will also have a platform where they create and run the custom software that powers their business.

“We’re building that platform today.”

TED uses Stacker to create proprietary software to sort through thousands of applicants for the TED Fellows Program.

“The TED Fellows program recognises people at work on future-shaping ideas, offering them tools to amplify the power of their vision,” said Joseph Dobson of TED. 

“Every year, we invite 20 remarkable individuals to join the program, and with thousands of applicants, we spend half the year vetting them. With an intense and always evolving vetting process, we need custom software to review applicants.

“Before Stacker, we’d have to go back to our dev team any time there was a small change in our process. Now we’re able to create the software we need ourselves, and since we’re in control, we can instantly make changes.”

Stacker aims to allow businesses to create an entire system of connected apps to run every aspect of their business, powered by data from across the company.

“Right now, every business is either running on off-the-shelf software that doesn’t fit their needs or on custom software that IT made years ago and never updated,” said CTO and co-founder Sam Davyson.

“It’s 2021: teams need to create their own software. We’ll be investing in our platform, allowing you to unlock all the data from across your organisation, whether it’s in spreadsheets, databases or online tools, like Salesforce or Intercom.”