Posted on March 29, 2018 by staff

Speak to your customers about data before GDPR


The General Data Protection Regulation has been described as the most significant overhaul in data protection in a generation.

Statistics suggest that the majority of organisations are still not prepared despite the prospect of irreparable reputational damage and being fined €20m or four per cent of worldwide annual turnover if they do not comply.

Vibe Tickets, which is an open ticket marketplace where fans can buy and sell tickets, has worked hard to stay ahead of the curve when it comes to data protection.

Founder and managing director Luke Massie tells BusinessCloud: “We are not in the business of ticketing; we are in the business of data.”

Lancashire-headquartered Vibe Tickets opened an office in London late last year and reviewed every aspect of its business to ensure that it is in line with new legislations.

According to CRM manager Doug Taylor, Vibe is concentrating on three key areas: how historic data is handled, how it can help new users understand what data it asks for and why, and how it maintains that relationship with customers over time.

“For any data that Vibe currently holds, we’ll reach out to our users to clarify what we have and why/how it is used, and asking for permission to continue doing so,” he says.

“We believe our users will understand why we process the data that we do, but any user who doesn’t want their data held and processed by Vibe should be able to easily request its removal.

“For guiding new users through understanding what they’re sharing with us, we’re looking to develop our sign-up process to make it as clear as possible exactly what it means when a user presses the ‘I agree’ button.”

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