Posted on September 29, 2017 by staff

Sorted name gave us powerful global technology brand


Manchester entrepreneur David Grimes says he renamed his delivery tech platform Sorted because he needed a powerful brand to take into global markets.

The CEO has gone from running a website from his parents’ kitchen table to a global software company in just seven years.

Speaking to BusinessCloud at eCommerce Live in London’s iconic Shard, Grimes said the firm formerly known as My Parcel Delivery – or MPD Group – was at a turning point.

“We held some internal workshops with our staff and we came up with ‘sorted’ as our mantra for how we work – we just get things sorted,” he said.

“We were at a turning point as a business, going from a UK-based software company to a global company, and the rebrand seemed like a powerful technology brand to me.”

Sorted is a software platform which retailers including Missguided, Matalan, Lush and Arsenal use to manage their customers’ delivery experience.

Using the web platform or app, consumers can see when their products will arrive, change their delivery location “in-flight” and arrange to return items they don’t want without having to print shipping labels.

Processing tens of millions of transactions a year, the company will employ 150 people by the end of 2017 and move into a new head office in Manchester in November.

“eCommerce is growing four per cent year-on-year and we are mirroring that growth – it’s a really exciting market which is constantly changing,” Grimes added.

“Ultimately retailers need technology to keep up with the growing consumer expectations.

“If the consumer has a really bad experience at the doorstep or a delivery is late or damaged, 28 per cent of them won’t shop with that retailer again.

“To give your customer a really good delivery experience is key from a retention perspective.”