A new joint venture company will create 75 jobs in Manchester and 100 in the Balkans. 

Manchester-based SQA Consulting, a financial crime prevention firm, is working with ABC TECH Group to create a centre of excellence – named SQA Consulting SEE – for software development 

The organisation will subsume ABC TECH’s software development division in Bosnia and Herzegovina, as well as its hubs in Kosovo and Croatia – in excess of 50 technology professionals. Total investment from both parties will exceed 3 million in the next two years. 

Combined, SQA’s international market presence and ABC TECH’s software engineering capabilities in the region will drive recruitment in excess of a further 100 engineers in the Balkans, and 75 cybersecurity, cloud migration engineers, intelligent business process automation specialists and management roles in its Manchester-based headquarters.

“Our anti-money laundering and terrorist financing products and services are deployed for most account holders in the United Kingdom and Ireland, and this partnership underpins the strong international growth we have seen over the last few years,” said Jeremy Round, managing director at SQA Consulting. 

AML & TF is one of the worlds biggest financial concerns with an estimated cost to the UK government alone of £100 billion a year (UK National Crime Agency).  

Technology is an essential part of the fight against this financial crime and SQA Consulting is proud to work with banks to form national and international defences.” 

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Steve Ruston, chief transformation officer at SQA Consulting, added: “The new joint venture will allow us to further scale our transformation consulting and product engineering capabilities to keep pace with the needs of cyber security in the global banking and financial services sector, allowing us to grow SQA Consulting in line with the demand we are seeing for our transformation services and software.  

It’s an exciting time and we’re already planning further expansion and acquisitions in the UK, Europe and further afield.”