Posted on January 20, 2017 by staff

Snapchat signs deal to target ads using offline activity


Snapchat has signed a deal with Oracle Data Cloud, meaning it will allow advertisers to target users through offline data.

The Snap Inc. deal could help marketers use data from offline purchases, such as through store loyalty cards, to expose consumers to more relevant ads.

It is thought the partnership is an attempt by Snapchat to prove its marketing worth to brands already heavily invested in the app, and whether being featured actually results in real-world sales.

Google, Facebook and Twitter have long had a deal with the Oracle Data Cloud, previously known as Datalogix, but this is the first time Snapchat has offered offline data-targeting options.

Datalogix was purchased by Oracle Data Cloud in 2014, Snapchat’s CEO previously dismissed the practice as “creepy”.

In June 2015, Evan Spiegel said:  “I got an ad this morning for something I was thinking about buying yesterday, and it’s really annoying.

“We care about not being creepy. That’s something that’s really important to us.”

In September, Snapchat introduced Snap Audience Match, allowing advertisers to target ads based on their own lists of customer email addresses or mobile IDs.

But the app still allows users to opt out of all ad targeting in its preferences section.