Posted on October 11, 2017 by staff

‘SMEs need cyber security as much as enterprise’


Cyber security specialist ZoneFox says software should protect businesses of all sizes.

The Edinburgh-based firm has announced the release of a cloud platform which it says uses the same tech as the more local products which protect data and identify threats.

CTO Matt Little says manpower and cyber skills are scarce in the SME market, which is now desperate for a cost-effective solution.

“Technology should benefit everyone, not just those with big cyber budgets,” he said.

“The SME market is a prime target for hackers, but in the face of an ever-evolving and sophisticated landscape they lack the manpower or skills in-house to proactively manage and track data as it traverses the network.

“We’ve sought to eliminate that pain point giving them the confidence they have the visibility they need, but taking away the complexity.”

He added: “Hosted ZoneFox puts powerful AI and machine-learning technology directly into the hands of businesses regardless of size.

“The result is that every business can now access a highly secure, easy to deploy and cost effective solution.”

The cyber risks to SMEs are just as prevalent as they are in enterprise as they host customer data, IP and other prized assets, making them an attractive target for criminals.

Nearly one million SMEs were hit by a cyber attack in the last year.