With many of us wary of the rising cost of living, consumers are always looking for ways to guarantee they are getting the best deal possible and saving money where they can. There are many ways to shop smarter – examining your spending habits and shopping more wisely might help you save money and make better decisions. Instead of making spontaneous purchases, you will only buy what you truly require.

One fundamental way to smart shopping is knowing how to track a product’s price on Amazon. Let’s discuss how a price tracker can save you money and notify you when the price is the lowest.

The rise of online shopping

We are buying more online than ever before. Especially during the COVID-19 pandemic, online shopping became a lifeline for consumers and businesses. Individuals have continued to buy what they require, and businesses have traded despite physical closures. Last year, eCommerce sales were expected to exceed 5.7 trillion USD globally, which is only likely to grow.

As a result of the pandemic’s restrictions, consumers have turned to the internet for everything from entertainment to socializing and shopping. Of course, store closings fueled the internet sales boom since, for many, online shopping was the only option. Nevertheless, now that consumers have seen how straightforward and convenient online buying can be, it has the ability to influence our purchasing habits permanently.

To show this influence, Amazon’s profit rose 220% in 2021 from the previous year. Amazon is typically the first choice for many online shoppers, and the online retail giant experienced a high volume of orders across all sectors in recent years. Amazon offers excellent prices through its Prime initiative, which includes rewards such as cashback and fast delivery. However, by using a price tracker, consumers can ensure they always get products at the best price possible. 

What is a price tracker?

Price tracking software is a set of automated technologies that allows you to track a product’s price throughout its lifetime. The software can examine everything from third-party sellers and retailer websites to product pages on marketplaces such as Amazon.

For tracking a product’s price on Amazon, a price tracker is a kind of software tool that assists you in shopping more wisely. It analyzes pricing information of products on Amazon and maintains track of any price fluctuations that may occur on that site.

How a price tracker saves you money

Price trackers monitor cost changes and modifications, allowing users to utilize price comparison to identify the greatest available offer and even predict when is the right time for a buyer to make their purchase. 

By registering for a price tracker, customers may browse pricing history charts for thousands of Amazon products and receive alerts when prices change. Sugar’s free Amazon pricing tracker extension continuously monitors millions of Amazon products. Whenever you add a product to your price tracking list, Sugar notifies you when prices drop, allowing you to purchase a product at the best possible price.

How to track prices on Amazon

It’s pretty simple to track Amazon price history, and it’s done using a simple browser plugin. When you add an Amazon product to your price tracking list, the tracking application will scan that product page on a daily basis. In many circumstances, it will do this numerous times every day to maintain track of pricing fluctuations.

When you open the tracker, the application will access its database and instantly build a user-friendly graph depicting the price history of the product you have added to your tracking list. This will allow you to understand the product’s price trajectory and compare costs elsewhere to take advantage of a better bargain if one is available.

How to use a price tracker for Amazon?

Using the Sugar price tracker is as easy as it sounds. Sugar is browser-based and rapidly transforms you into a more knowledgeable consumer. It automatically displays pricing information on any Amazon product and allows you to purchase at the optimal time. 

To use Sugar for price tracking on Amazon, install the Sugar extension on your browser. With the extension active, go to an item’s product page on Amazon and add the product to your wishlist. Determine how long you want to track the product for and the discount rate. Now that everything is set up, Sugar will notify you when the price of your product drops or changes, giving you the power to make informed decisions when buying.


Amazon price trackers are becoming increasingly handy tools for consumers who enjoy shopping on Amazon and saving money by finding the lowest prices. With all the features Sugar offers, you can track a product for a price drop and then strike when the iron is hot for the best deal.