Smart home tech firm Wondrwall Group plans to recruit an extra 40 staff after a ‘milestone’ investment deal.

It follows December’s announcement of a partnership between Wondrwall and InfraRed Capital Partners, unlocking an investment programme for over £100m.

Now Wondrwall’s CEO Daniel Burton  has revealed plans to increase its headcount by more than 40 staff by the end of the 2023/24 financial year, starting with the appointment of Steve Young as chief commercial officer.

Wondrwall is currently being trialled by half of the UK’s top national house builders and the company will be using the fresh investment to work towards its target of building 100,000 net zero energy homes.

Burton said the exact terms of the InfraRed Capital Partners partnership are confidential but would provide ‘plenty of runway to scale our ambitions’ to make intelligent, net zero living accessible across thousands of new UK homes.

He added: “The partnership with InfraRed Capital Partners will supercharge the company’s growth within the UK’s new build housing market and beyond, enabling us to accelerate product development and scale quickly.

Wondrwall seals £100m investment partnership with InfraRed

“We are very proud of our achievement when reflecting on our beginnings as a Manchester startup just a few years ago, to now.

“Our solutions create homes that are fit for the future, which could be replicated globally. This stops the cost of expensive, carbon-emitting retrofits, marking a line in the sand on what was before, compared with what is now possible.

“No longer at the mercy of policy, supply or energy markets, our innovations are game-changing.”

Burton said if just half of the 1.5 million planned new homes in the UK over the next five years were installed with Wondrwall’s technology, the carbon saving would be the equivalent of more than 14 million trees.

“For the world, where our planet is heating up faster than anyone estimated, the message is clear: we must do more,” said Wondrwall’s CEO.

“For the industry, this influx of capital underscores the confidence in our technology and the tip of the iceberg of what innovation can do to meaningfully accelerate positive change.

“The investment shows the huge potential the private sector has to drive the world forward to a more sustainable path.

“This company was built on the idea that we want to make a difference in the world, both through curbing the consumption of the earth’s resources and lowering CO2 emissions, but also through combatting fuel poverty.

“We are aware of the burden that energy bills have on people throughout the country, especially in the current climate, and with the adoption of the right sustainable solutions we believe that it will be possible to eventually eradicate this issue.”

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