Posted on June 7, 2018 by staff

Small business platform in $50m crypto token sale


A new platform for small businesses and investors has announced a $50 million token sale ahead of its launch.

Clarity, which bills itself as ‘a one-stop shop for small business owners worldwide’, hoping to provide businesses with access to, and control over their data.

The company says that the software will store data and provide analytics, benchmarking, file sharing, and access to funding.

It will also store business information such as insurance, finance, human resources and standard operating procedures in one place.

“We believe giving small businesses total control over their data will change the way business is done globally, forever,” Clarity Founder Aynsley Damery said.

“Small businesses power the global economy but so many fail to reach their full potential because they don’t have clarity.

“This platform will provide them with a valuable insight into their performance and growth potential, a roadmap to design an amazing business, as well as access to finance and previously unavailable early-stage investment to really help them thrive.

“Over the next few months we’ll be travelling the globe presenting Clarity and its token sale at large blockchain and accounting events. We expect this to be a very busy sale and would encourage investors to get in early so that they don’t miss out.”