Health and dental plan provider Simplyhealth is taking a majority stake in OcuPlan, a provider of predictive and preventative eyecare packages.

The investment will expand Simplyhealth’s offering into innovative treatment and funding for conditions affecting seven million people in the UK such as glaucoma, ocular hypertension, age-related macular degeneration and diabetic retinopathy. 

Its technology allows patients to choose their own eye specialists and match these with bespoke eyecare packages, enabling continuity of care and reducing the risk of blindness. It says this will help lift some of the strain from the NHS.

OcuPlan was founded in 2019 by ophthalmic surgeon Dan Calladine, harnessing technology to make the ongoing treatment of chronic eye issues more accessible and affordable. It utilises a network of over 500 optometrists and ophthalmologists and provides payment plans for those in need of specialist eye care.

The deal marks Dr Sneh Khemka’s first year as CEO of Simplyhealth.

“As a former ophthalmic surgeon myself, I know that OcuPlan’s technology can empower people with long-term eye conditions to take control of their treatment and their health,” he said. 

“It can also really help to take the strain off the NHS, and I couldn’t be prouder to make OcuPlan our first investment as CEO.”

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Calladine added: “Simplyhealth shares our belief in the value of preventative healthcare; joining its ecosystem means we can expand our offering to more people with long-term eye problems who want to see their chosen specialist in an affordable way. 

“Simplyhealth represents the future of healthcare, we’re excited to be part of it.”