Posted on November 2, 2017 by staff

Signposting services: The Hub of Hope


As we continue to shine a light on tech and mental health it’s important that people know where to turn should they need help.

Jake Mills was working as a stand-up comedian in Liverpool when he became depressed and attempted suicide.

After sharing his story he became an accidental spokesperson for mental health and had suicidal strangers calling him up for help.

Four years later and he’s used his experiences to launch mental health charity Chasing the Stigma.

One of the biggest challenges around the topic is that people who are struggling don’t know where to find help so the charity launched Hub of Hope, a website which lets users find mental health services near them.

“We want to make it as easy as possible for people to find help around them – literally at the click of button,” says Mills.

Within a few weeks of launching, the service was being used in training programmes and received praise from the NHS and charities.

“We’re not taught how to look after our mental health. It’s just as important to know the help is there and never use it,” he says.

The tool can also be a huge help to anyone wanting to support a friend, as users can either search for services near them or around a particular postcode.

“We’re told to ask if someone’s OK but if they say no, do you know what to do?,” asks Mills.

“We don’t want anyone to have to think about where to turn.”