Posted on July 9, 2018 by staff

Shattering the illusions of ‘identity experts’


Busy companies which believe identity and cyber security tasks are straightforward have been warned that their illusions will soon be ‘shattered’.

Eugenio Pace is the co-founder of Identity as a Service firm Auth0, which helps businesses verify that people are who they claim to be when logging into systems.

He says identity management is a universal problem while Seattle-based Auth0 claims to have securely authenticated more than 1.5 billion monthly logins and prevented more than 1.3m malicious logins.

“Companies that have large teams of developers want to retain the rights to their proprietary technology and avoid outsourcing, in an attempt to save time and money,” he told BusinessCloud.

“What they soon find out, however, is that they are not identity experts – and the notion of this being a simple task is soon shattered.

“Hours are wasted, and more importantly, product innovation is displaced.”

Instead companies should identify top priorities and budget accordingly – and the top priority for every company, regardless of sector, should be cyber security, according to Pace.

Indeed four in ten UK CEOs believe that a cyber-attack is inevitable.

“In 2013, no one else in the identity management industry was focusing on the developer experience, which is what prompted me and my co-founder Matias Woloski to start Auth0 with this philosophy in mind,” he said.

The former Microsoft employee says Auth0 enables them to focus on product innovation rather than spending their time on “plumbing”.

“Implementing a platform like Auth0 saves precious time and resources by enabling developers to focus on product innovation and growth,” he said.

“It also provides the security expertise needed when implementing identity into complex architectures and it adheres to standards in today’s ever changing digital environment.”