Posted on September 11, 2017 by staff

SETsquared Bristol to hone high-tech start-ups


A South-West business incubator has invited fledgling high-tech start-ups to sharpen up their skills at a pitching event.

SETsquared Bristol is to host an afternoon workshop for start-ups in early stages of development and established tech start-ups looking to grow or pivot.

#Idea2Pitch will include advice on what makes a good business idea and pitching workshop from its entrepreneur in residence Greville Commins.

“We realised there is a problem locally: there aren’t many places in Bristol where those early-stage companies can get help shaping up their ideas,” said Monika Radclyffe, director at SETsquared Bristol.

“This is why we decided to launch ‘#Idea2Pitch’ event. It helps entrepreneurs to articulate their ideas better and be able to communicate them effectively to their chosen audience.”

The event begins with an introduction to university-backed SETsquared Bristol. During the afternoon workshop, Commins will provide practical tools to help attendees discover ‘What makes a good business idea?’ and offer key components to articulate a winning elevator pitch, along with a chance to practise pitching in front of a small supportive audience.