Posted on March 14, 2019 by staff

Seedcamp backs AI voice start-up Whispr


AI-based voice guidance start-up Whispr has closed a $750,000 pre-seed financing round led by Seedcamp.

The Dublin and Copenhagen company helps frontline workers to do their jobs more effectively by making them ‘hands-free’.

It does this by integrating businesses’ standard operating procedures, manuals and checklist information which is then then converted into voice guidance accessible via the Whispr app and headset.

Literally whispering instructions and expertise into workers’ ears, it works without a Wi-Fi connection.

Users can also interact verbally with the app to ask questions or seek additional information as and when needed.

PreSeed Ventures, Denmark’s biggest and most active early stage investor, Futuristic VC, and Bose Ventures, the investment group within Bose Corporation, also participated in the round.

“For 50 years, there has been virtually no improvement in bringing technology to frontline employees. We still haven’t figured out to help them do their jobs better,” said Hugh O’Flanagan, co-founder and CEO of Whispr.

“Whispr is changing that and bringing voice technology to empower the billions of underserved workers.

“Our technology adapts to humans, not the other way around. We are returning to the original and most natural ‘user interface’, which is voice.”

Whispr will use the funding to double its headcount in Copenhagen and Dublin and to focus on business development.

Sia Houchangnia, Seedcamp partner, commented: “Seedcamp is delighted to be investing in the Whispr team.

“We love their vision and believe they have the potential to transform and enhance the delivery of frontline services.”