High-profile investors have joined a seed round for FemTech start-up Yoppie. 

In late 2018, whilst heavily pregnant with her son Maxim, Daniella Peri successfully pitched her vision for the PMS solutions provider to one of Sweden’s most noteworthy investors, resulting in the company’s first £1.2 million in seed funding. 

With a scaling community and customer base, new innovative digital services and product offerings, the London firm has now been backed by hyper-growth VCs Vostock New Ventures and Colle Capital, raising Yoppie’s seed funding total to £3.4m 

It will be used for international expansion, technology development, growth marketing and investment in people. 

Yoppie aims to help women sync menstruation with the modern world using a tech-driven approach. Its management dashboard allows each user to personalise their content to account for the idiosyncrasies of women’s menstrual cycles and interests – what it says is a first for the global period care market. 


“Our concept is not just about the timely delivery of tampons and pads but rather a tech-enabled personalisation journey that looks after the entire experience of monthly menstrual care,” Peri said. 

“We like to envision Yoppie soon being able to provide a level of ongoing personalisation similar to the likes of Netflix and Spotify, then enhanced with the product convenience of Amazon. 

“Convenience is important to women and that is certainly part of our offering. But this is quite literally not a one-size-fits-all sector, nor is monthly menstruation the ‘same’ for all.  

“Therefore I want to lead the way in supporting women in multiple ways and that includes tailoring wants and needs and including products, tools and services that go above and beyond just pads and tampons.” 

The company saw a 21,500% increase in users in the last year alone, a 1,200% annual uplift in customers and 1,500% monthly recurring revenue growth.