Intelligent property search portal has secured a seed round of angel investment of £268,000 from eleven, experienced investors in the fields of technology, finance and real estate.

Co-founders Robert Jones and Dr Simone Di Cola started development on property xyz in 2019, which entered a beta phase in August 2020. 

After user-testing by agents, homebuilders, property investors and buy-to-let landlords, the startup says it intends to create the ‘Amazon Prime of property’, combining seamless search and frictionless purchase.

Investors seeking to buy and sell houses are under-served by existing property portals, which focus on typical homeowners, says

While presenting properties for sale, the portal supplies all the data investors need to make a quick decision about a purchase – for free.

“We are delighted to announce this development. We have raised the funds, from some fantastic investors, to begin the next chapter for,” said Jones. 

“What we have learned from our user feedback, we can now act on, to provide our clients with richer data and a more seamless property-buying experience. 

“Our upcoming off-market property opportunities are particularly exciting. Genuine off-market opportunities are incredibly hard to come by and the process is often somewhat opaque. 

“It’s great to be part of helping connecting genuine property buyers with agents in this space.”