Posted on October 12, 2016 by staff

Scouting network used by Real Madrid bolsters platform


Database infrastructure provider Severalnines has signed up the world’s leading football scouting network Wyscout.

English champions Leicester City, fellow Premier League club Arsenal and European giants Real Madrid and Juventus all use Wyscout as they seek the stars of the future and to scout out opponents.

The statistical database of Wyscout, founded in 2004, has grown to around half a terabyte in size and includes video.

It also provides a portal for clubs to arrange transfers and trials for prospective players through its community of over 35,000 professionals.

The Italy-based firm needed a more stable software solution to deliver high performance during spikes in game time.

Swedish company Severalines’  ClusterControl cloud-based platform fit the bill.

“I’m a massive football fan and I always wonder how tech is going to improve this billion-dollar, global sport,” said Severalnines CEO Vinay Joosery.

“The natural abilities on the pitch won’t change much, but the way teams prepare for their next opponent can make or break a season.

“It makes me happy that Severalnines is thus integral to the performance of some the world’s biggest football teams.”

It took the team at Wyscout two months to migrate and implement the technology, which has already improved database performance by 30 per cent despite an increased workload of 15 per cent from new customers.

Francesco Nassano, Wyscout Sysadmin, said: “The majority of our business is online, we are extremely reliant on the infrastructure our business proposition is built upon.

“It was crucial that we had a system in place to efficiently manage our databases.

“ClusterControl allowed us to implement a high availability database cluster and easily operate it, which helped the biggest teams in the world access player data anytime, anywhere.

“Severalnines technology was so easy to use we were able to implement it ourselves.”