Posted on February 11, 2019 by staff

Scottish firm introduces virtual reality team-building


A Fife-based company has introduced virtual reality tech to its team building exercises.

Event provider Team Challenge Company now uses virtual reality headsets as part of its team building offering. The company is a UK partner of Catalyst Global which first unveiled the product in 2018.

The product is the first of its kind designed specifically for team development purposes.

VR experiences offered as part of the team building exercises include rescue simulation, role playing, and virtual reality video games.

“Technology driven products have been available to the corporate events market for some time,” said Gerard Crowley, co-director at Team Challenge, as reported by The Scotsman.

“But, there has never been a product of this sophistication available for team building.

“While traditional activities have always been very effective in producing desired outcomes, the responsibilities of modern teams are shifting.

“Created by team building professionals specifically for team development, the Infinite Loop has the potential to transform the way these events are delivered.”

In January the company took its VR experience to some of the staff of Exxon Mobil as part of their team building excercise.