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The thought of playing in a glitzy, glamorous land-based casino may sound idyllic and appealing to you. However, there can be just as much fun if you opt to play online. Moreover, you can save a bob or two to boot. How? Join us as we walk you through everything you need to know to avoid travelling to a land-based casino and how to enjoy casino games online. Let’s begin…

No Expenses Necessary

First and foremost – think of the money you’ll save by not venturing to a land-based casino. We’re not just talking about a few quid here or there. We’re talking about hundreds; potentially thousands saved since you can avoid flights, petrol, hotels, and food/drink bills. Moreover, you don’t just get to save money by playing online; you can (if you wish) reinvest that into your gambling budget.

Live Casino Games Offer the Atmosphere You Need

If you long for a bit of atmosphere and think that RNG (random number generator) casino games are a little bit wooden, then you’re in luck. Live casino games are the answer to this problem. These allow you to play real money casino games via a video stream. On the other end of the stream is a real-to-life dealer taking care of the game. These streams come from real casinos, so in a way, you are playing in a brick-and-mortar betting site.

How About a Bit of VR Gambling?

Alongside the atmosphere that live casino games bring, you can also get a sense of immersion from VR gambling games. These are few and far between right now, but this is an emerging tech. It won’t be long before there is a wealth of sites where you can step inside a virtual casino and wager to your heart’s content. This adds a new dynamic to betting away from land-based venues, and we’re already starting to see it become more popular.

Miss the Vegas Rules? Don’t Worry…

One of the key things about playing in some land-based casinos is the array of house rules there may be. These can influence some games in different ways than at other casinos. Don’t worry, though. Such rules can sometimes be incorporated into online gambling. There is no shortage of blackjack games, for instance, with Vegas or Atlantic City rules, while games based on Macao rules or French rules (such as La Partage and En Prison) can be found, too.

But What Can I Play?

Assuming you play at a top betting site, like Casino, you will find no shortage of great games. These include baccarat, blackjack, craps and other dice games, roulette, table poker and dozens of other table game hits. You can also find slots in abundance, alongside instant win games and even titles that you wouldn’t ordinarily see at casinos, such as scratch cards. In short, your betting experience online is a lot more diverse than it would be in a traditional gambling arena.