Posted on April 15, 2019 by staff

Samsung spin-off to launch AI skincare product in Middle East


AI beauty start-up lululab will launch its skincare assistant LUMINI at Beautyworld Middle East from today.

lululab, a spin-off company of C-Lab, Samsung Electronics’ in-house venture program and a member company of the Born2Global Centre has developed an artificial intelligence-based skincare assistant that provides customers with individually tailored skincare solutions.

It is a small device that scans the face of the user and a mobile application shows the user the analysis results and suggests customised solutions.

Based on AI technology, it scans and analyses the condition of a person’s skin within 10 seconds.

“By applying the LUMINI to the global beauty industry, we hope to offer customers who visit makeup stores, shopping malls, spas, and other beauty-related facilities accurate skin analyses and individually-tailored services that can be used anytime, anyplace,” said lululab CEO Yongjoon Choe.

“Today’s consumers are smart; they do their research online and they are the final decision makers.

“We give them the digital tool to strengthen their confidence and ease their final decision on what products to buy.

“Through continued collaborations with beauty companies and companies representing diverse sectors, including distribution and IT, we hope to provide individualized IT services that can be easily used by as many people as possible.”

At Beautyworld Middle East, lululab will host a K-beauty product recommending event for visitors to the company’s booth.

The company received the Innovation Award at CES 2019 and was named the winner of the skincare category at Cosmoprof Asia 2018.