Posted on October 18, 2017 by staff

Ruptly video platform streams directly to social media


News agency Ruptly has announced the launch of the first video streaming platform to offer global live events with the ability to broadcast directly to social media.

The new platform – Ruptly Live – gives anyone the chance to stream professional live video content from around the world in as little as three clicks, allowing broadcasters and vloggers alike, to stream live video quickly and easily.

Ruptly CEO Dinara Toktosunova said: “Live transmissions are the optimal content for our clients because they allow audiences to be fully immersed in any given moment, as if they were actually there, watching breaking news and viral stories as they happen – in both traditional and 360 formats.

“Live streaming allows for maximum audience engagement. What Ruptly has done is develop a break-through approach for live streams, never attempted by any other video agency.

“Ruptly Live is a two-in-one product. We are pushing the boundaries of accessibility by offering premium content that anyone and everyone can post on social media via an easy-to-embed live streaming solution.”

The process removes the need for specialist technology, coding or expertise – all users need to do is sign in, select an event and click to stream.

Live video can be streamed directly to social media such as YouTube, Facebook, Twitter and Periscope, as well as delivered through CDNs to native players – giving users the freedom to embed custom adverts.

The platform will enable users to stream a diverse range of content, from light viral videos that bring millions of views to breaking news filmed by Ruptly’s teams on the ground.

Hosting multiple streams is also no problem – up to eight lives can be broadcasted directly to social media simultaneously.

It’s not just traditional lives that can be streamed. Ruptly Live will also offer users access to ground-breaking 360 degree video content and drone footage, available in 4K.

To cater for the increasingly diverse range of content creators, Ruptly Live offers a range of flexible pricing models, with the option to purchase content through subscription, revenue sharing, or on an ad-hoc basis.