Posted on June 10, 2019 by staff

Royal Navy partners with AI powered tech firm


The United Kingdom’s Royal Navy has announced a partnership between its Royal Marines Commando force and a defence technology company specializing in AI powered solutions.

The partnership with Anduril Industries will modernise surveillance systems and techniques by utilizing cutting edge technologies.

The latest partnership is part of the Royal Navy’s effort to in modernise its efforts, having recently announced its Modernizing Defence Programme and the NavyX accelerator initiative.

“The artificial intelligence and ISR systems from Anduril are game changing technologies for the Royal Marines Future Commando Force,” explained Colonel Dan Cheeseman, Royal Navy Chief Technology Officer.

“Anduril is now part of the UK NavyX accelerator program to get battle winning technology straight into the hands of our warfighters.”

“Anduril’s dynamic and highly tailored expertise has enabled a close partnership with 3 Commando Brigade and they are now part of a busy exercise and deployment schedule. These technologies are directly informing how the Royal Marines is transforming itself to radically change how it fights to win on future operations.”

Anduril Industries has created Lattice, a software and hardware system that uses AI, machine vision and mesh networking to solve critical defense problems with the goal of saving lives by getting troops in the field more accurate, real-time information.

All Lattice devices work together as one networked system to allow warfighters to act quickly with the best information available.

Training with the Anduril systems will begin this summer and be operational and deployed soon thereafter.

“Our goal, and the goal of the Royal Navy, is to help the men and women on the front lines complete their missions as successfully and safely as possible,” added Evan Roddenberry, Operations Engineer for Anduril Industries and company lead with the RN.

“We are excited to have the opportunity to help the Royal Marines with this important mission as they modernize in preparation for the battlefields of the future.”