Posted on September 21, 2017 by staff

Rezaid launches unique ‘in-shoring’ partnership


Former heart scientist turned technology entrepreneur, Dr Moneeb Awan, has launched an innovative software ‘in-shoring’ partnership that provides high-quality software design and development expertise for high-growth SMEs.

With the UK currently experiencing a significant shortage of digital skills, Awan founded Rezaid to provide a service that draws on senior talent from overseas to help bridge the productivity gap.

The team of expert developers have a wealth of experience using cutting-edge development technologies and can provide a proven range of bespoke software development services to companies in the UK.

With headquarters in Manchester, clients are protected under UK governing law, minimising risk around accountability and trust, whilst helping to ensure quality and speed of service – issues sometimes associated with traditional offshoring software development.

Awan said: “Innovation and staying ahead of the curve is the key to success when it comes to doing business.

“But we understand that for many growing companies in the UK it can be hard to source and retain the technical talent needed to constantly innovate, especially given the current skills shortage the digital sector is facing.

“Yet, countries such as Pakistan are currently experiencing a technology boom, and are producing high-quality software engineers – many of which already have experience of working with clients based in the UK.

“Rezaid provides bespoke software development services to close the productivity gap of high-growth UK SMEs.

“Our highly experienced team of software professionals possess expert communication and cutting edge IT skills, and travel regularly to meet with clients on-site here in the UK.”

In just four months, Rezaid has already secured in excess of £350,000 in new business since its launch, including a considerable contract with WorkMobile, a UK business with an award-winning mobile data capture service, which was looking for a trusted partner with a genuine UK presence to provide good communication and technical skills.

The firm plans to double its entire workforce here in the UK and overseas to 30 over the next year and invest further in international markets.

Rezaid is also looking to build upon the services it is equipped to outsource. Alongside IT services, it is aiming to expand this into other sectors, such as healthcare and finance.

Prior to setting up Rezaid, Awan helped found mobile software business, eSAY Solutions and was the Senior Research Fellow at University College London (UCL). In 1996, he was appointed Chief Scientist at the University of Cape Town’s (UCT) Cape Heart Centre, the site of the world’s first successful heart transplant.