Stateoftheart property virtualisation software has launched in the UK. 

Based on gaming technology, revvis is fully interactive and allows users tdesign the interior and exterior of a property before it is even built. 

Users can design their garden, terrace, kitchen and rooms wherever they areThe distance between any two points can be precisely measured, for example to see if an item of furniture would fit. The software is supported by instructional YouTube videos. 

The company says its software is an ideal solution for the property industry in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic as its remote use and detailed virtualisation capabilities remove the need for face-to-face meetings and viewings. 

It could be used by housebuilders, property developers, interior designers or estate agents for virtual viewings and to improve customer experience, engagement and sales. 


Users can design internal rooms

revvis also offers a solution to businesses who need to assess the layout of their offices and replan to accommodate a change in working environments. 

WebGI browser allows users and their customers to access their virtualisations direct from their own company websites and leading property portals. 

The company was founded by gaming specialist Christian Ehrich – at the suggestion of his wife – after he struggled to find software which would help him imagine the interiors of his new house. 

PC-based and compatible with virtual reality, the program features fullyannotated floorplans and CAD drawings. Users can navigate through the virtual property using a first-person perspective – and can even change the avatar’s height. 


Spaces can be measured for furniture

“Unlike other visualisation methods, the advanced technology behind revvis is what puts it in a league of its own,” Ehrich said.  

It offers an easytooperate and fully interactive 3D virtualisation of any real estate at a competitive price, and takes approximately 10 per cent of the time it takes on average for virtual tours to be produced. 

“The global COVID-19 outbreak means it is more important than ever that all industries are equipped to engage customers digitally and with continuity, with revvis offering this solution for the housing sector.  

After our successful UK launch, we are planning to roll out revvis globally.”  


Last-minute changes can be submitted to an architect in real-time

Meyer Homes is trialling the new software. Sales and marketing director Antony Crovella said: “Given the current climate, the ability to now give virtual tours of our properties has enabled us to keep marketing to potential buyers and give them a different way of interacting and viewing properties.  

We’re finding that demand is still high, especially given interest rates are at a record low, but people are understandably nervous about walking into a space where others have been at the moment. 

“We are currently trialling the revvis software with a number of potential buyers for our townhouses at Gabriel Square in St Albans. They cannot only see what they look like inside, but also have a browse through various interior design options, to see what their home could look like with different furniture. 

Additional features of revvis and plug-ins include the ability to test sunlight exposure to see where the sun comes into each room over the course of the day, and set-up outdoor areas according to the position of the sun, such as fixed items like trees, patio areas and barbeques. 

It also allows for the booking of tradespeople, for instance electricians, who can be granted maintenance access online. 

The firm is currently offering a 50% discount on all new signups.