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Your FLOCK, a remote work tech startup that helps increase employee engagement by discovering a team’s core values, has secured £240,000 from GC Angels and a private angel to bolster its development team and scale the product’s growth.  

Based on pioneering methodology from Stanford University and the University of Manchester, Your FLOCK helps employees become more engaged and businesses to become more productive by helping to develop cohesive and employee engagement-driven company cultures.  

By recommending development activities that are aligned with users’ core values and those of their teams, it seeks to strengthen bonds between remote workers.   

Your FLOCK will use the investment to build out its technology proposition and grow its team to integrate the tool with LinkedIn and other social platforms, enabling it to grow and scale. 

It will also use the investment to evolve Your FLOCK into a pure Software as a Service (SaaS) offering, by curating users’ data with machine learning and artificial intelligence, enabling it to provide deeper insights to team leaders of remote working teams.  

Jess Jackson, head of investment at GC Angels, will join Your FLOCK’s board as part of the investment, taking the proportion of women on its board to more than 60%.  

GC Angels, which is trialling Your FLOCK for its own team, supports SMEs by raising early-stage scale-up capital ranging from £25k to £2m.  

Through a network of angel investors, institutional capital partners and in-house co-investment funds, GC Angels has raised over £31m for more than 30 businesses across Greater Manchester and the North West of England over a six year period.  

“Your FLOCK is a diverse business with huge potential for growth, so we are proud to support it alongside our private co-investors,” said Jackson. 

“Ensuring that employees are engaged and aligned with company cultures will be critical for team leaders in the future as we all balance remote and office working, and we’re confident that Your FLOCK will play a big part in enabling the world to do so.”   

Dan Sodergren, co-founder of Your FLOCK, said: “Remote working has boomed during COVID-19.  

“We’re excited to help newly remote workers to discover their core values and work more productively with their teammates.  

“By enabling us to recruit a new senior developer and appoint Jess Jackson to our board, this investment will also strengthen the diversity of our already inclusive team as we look to scale up in the UK and beyond.”