Posted on May 15, 2018 by staff

Remote desktop platform discovered by AI gets €6.5m funding


AnyDesk, a startup that offers remote desktop software powered by a bespoke video codec, has scored €6.5 million in Series A funding.

The Stuttgart, Germany-based company offers a ‘virtual desktop’ platform, which allows you to access your computer from virtually any device.

Whilst the virtual desktop market is crowded with competitors, the company boasts a proprietary video codec called “DeskRT”, which has been engineered specifically for virtual desktop broadcasting.

The company says that this codec allows for a smoother user experience, transmitting at 60 frames per seconds with low latency.

“The remote desktop experience people are used to can be frustrating – it was designed and optimised for technology available more than a decade ago,” described Philipp Weiser, founder and CEO at AnyDesk.

“It takes time to get started and, when you’re finally set up, you may only be able to give a short presentation or help a colleague for 10 minutes while they set up a printer, for example, before you experience issues.

“When you view a website or video on your devices, chances are you don’t think about the web browser or media player working in the background. You’re focused on the content. AnyDesk works in the same way, seamlessly running behind-the-scenes so you can be productive, creative and get on with your work.”

Funders EQT Ventures say that they discovered the virtual desktop start-up using an AI platform which they developed to help them make investment decisions.

‘Motherbrain’ as the AI is called, is being used by EQT Ventures to discover the most promising companies and guide its investment decisions.

“We were blown away by the impressive traction and growth that AnyDesk is showing,” said Axel Bard Bringéus, International Expansion Partner and investment advisor at EQT Ventures.

“The team has tremendous talent and has built fantastic proprietary technology that supports today’s multi-device, always on workforce. The EQT Ventures team is looking forward to supporting AnyDesk on the next phase of its journey.”