The company has been making eye care simple by blending technology and user-centric designs to craft beautiful solutions for ophthalmic practice, saving millions of people from vision impairment and blindness.

With an aging global population, the demand for eye-care services is increasing every single day. However, the contribution of avoidable causes for blindness and vision impairment has been significant globally from 1990 to 2020. 

Many causes of vision impairment can be prevented or treated by early detection of the diseases, as per numerous studies and experts. The revolutionary technology is playing an instrumental role in making it possible through innovative and easy-to-use products

Remidio, an Indian medical equipment manufacturing firm saves millions of people from vision impairment by enabling access to early detection of eye diseases. It is aggressively decentralizing comprehensive eye testing using AI and telemedicine-integrated, easy-to-use ophthalmic devices.

Their proprietary devices focus on diseases like Cataract, Retinal Diseases, Glaucoma, Refractive error, etc.

The company has been making eye care simple by blending technology and user-centric designs to craft beautiful solutions for ophthalmic practice. Healthcare workers, vision technicians, and even an inexperienced volunteer can use these products with minimal training in non-specialist contexts.

These handheld devices makes pocket friendly screening accessible even in remote locations, Public health centers and supermarkets. 

Having disrupted the healthcare paradigm in the country, the company is now planning to expand its reach, make new acquisitions and partnerships in the U.S. and European markets. Remidio’s ambition recently received a huge boost with European deep-tech investment firm Boundary Holding funding the company.  

 Founded by Rajat Khare, Boundary Holding invests in technologies that are enabling fourth industrial revolution. Leveraging the potential of AI, deep tech and other revolutionary technologies, the global investment firm predominantly identifies investment opportunities through its deep domain expertise.  

 After meeting the founder of Remidio, Anand Sivaraman in India, Mr Khare could relate to his vision and passion, which is certainly needed to succeed in the fast-changing industry. After a couple of meetings, he decided to close the deal.

One of its kind, Remidio is set to strengthen its R&D (existing and future products) and explore new markets and application areas through the development of their sales and marketing arms.

Vision impairment has been affecting millions every year and what hurts the most is that many cases are preventable beforehand. With technology coming to the fore, one can expect a drastic change in this regard with early detection of diseases, enabling more people to access the most beautiful door to the world.

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