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Posted on March 1, 2020 by staff

Relative Insight, Lancaster | BusinessCloud profile

Relative Insight, Lancaster | BusinessCloud profile

Relative Insight
Relative Insight

Born out of a 10-year research project with Lancaster University’s linguistic and cyber security departments, Relative Insight originally designed its technology to support law enforcement agencies identify paedophiles masquerading as children online.

Today, we apply the same methods of language comparison to uncover crucial and unexpected differences in the way people talk. This then helps organisations inform new strategies to interact and communicate more effectively with their audiences.

Our platform analyses data from any language asset to give transformative consumer insights, and our technology can change everything that a brand, organisation or agency think they know about their users.

Most organisations have considerable language data assets at their disposal – including surveys, reviews, CRM and social media content, which we can analyse to reveal nuances and trends that won’t have been considered before. These hitherto unnoticed nuances are the game-changers.

Encouraging clients to realise the potential, and then gain significant business value from the language data they have access to is at the core of what we do.

Whilst we remain true to our northern roots with HQ in Lancaster, we have an office in London, and then as part of a major investment programme, Relative Insight will be expanding to New York in 2020.

relativeinsight.com | [email protected] | 020 3794 5476

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