Posted on April 27, 2020 by staff

Reframe appoints CTO to lead tech plans


Hampshire-based healthcare company Reframe has appointed Paul Bishop as CTO to lead the strategy and delivery of its technology plans.

The new hire brings experience in supply chains, health systems and software development and networks to the firm which was founded in 2012.

The ex-professional footballer professional footballer La Forestoise, has previously held role of Development Director at Walt Disney, and roles at Dunlop Sports, Bupa, and Equinix.

Reframe provides a cancer support programme and carer support programme to employers to assist in providing clinical, practical and emotional support to employees.

On the firm’s five year plan, Bishop said technology will play a significant role.

He said his priority in his new role is to build the foundations of dynamic service configuration, ecosystem orchestration, organic pathways and an integration suite.

“Our vision of the future places people at the centre of their care – supported by leading technologies. By improving efficiencies and connectivity, we will transform how people experience healthcare and enable our support team to spend more time providing human support to clients,” he said in a company blog post.

“I can see the big technology players making their contribution, and we can also see a large number of technology start-ups coming to the market within the areas of artificial intelligence (AI), machine learning (ML), integration and industry standards, mobile devices that can monitor health and fitness, as well as apps that support behaviour and access.

“We have our part to play connecting these diverse emerging streams on behalf of the customer.”