Posted on September 16, 2019 by staff

Recruitment platform launches to rank tech talent


Launching in the UK this month, TechRank hopes to to objectively test tech skills for both employers and candidates.

The firm said many highly skilled techies don’t do well in an interview setting, meaning they miss out on jobs.

TechRank claims to source, test and rank tech talent, allowing employers to pick the most qualified candidate, even if they don’t as well during interviews.

It also claims to help avoid candidates that do perform well in an interview setting but aren’t as highly skilled.

Candidates complete an online test through the platform. The firm said a front-end developer, for example, would complete a coding challenge in JavaScript. The candidate would then be ranked against all other similar developers that an employer would potentially be interested in.

This enables the candidate to pitch themselves at the correct level, and the employer will be clear about where more training or development might be needed in the future.

Candidates who take the tests are then logged in the TechRank system and alerted if a suitable job is advertised.

TechRank was co-founded by Gurvinder Singh of Pioneer Labs.

“We were finding it highly time-consuming and difficult to find great tech talent,” said Singh.

“It was a constant problem. So, we asked ourselves what needed to change and how this could be facilitated – the answer was clearly testing. It’s great for both the candidate and the employer.

“We trialled the system in our own business and found that it worked really well. It made a huge difference to Pioneer Labs so we decided to create a version that other businesses could use – and TechRank was born.”