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US talent cloud company iCIMS has swooped to acquire Candidate.ID.

The Glasgow tech firm has developed technology for marketing automation and CRM.

It enables recruiting teams to target the most engaged candidates who are also the best fit with lead scoring and automated marketing campaigns. 

“Candidate.ID is one of the most exciting companies in talent acquisition – they’re leading the way in marketing automation and CRM,” said Madeline Laurano, founder, Aptitude Research. 

“To add this functionality to the iCIMS Talent Cloud is really powerful, and iCIMS is now equipped to lead the market through the next generation of recruitment marketing.”

Today’s talent teams are strapped and dealing with recruiter burnout, inability to hire at scale and undelivered technology promises – all while needing to hire more quality candidates, faster than ever before. 

At the same time, candidates expect more from prospective employers, including personalised communications that leverage modern tools like video, social media and text messaging. 

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Candidate.ID was founded in 2016 by Adam Gordon and Scot McRae.

“When we started Candidate.ID five years ago, we were on a mission to solve real recruitment challenges with marketing automation software,” said CEO Gordon. 

“Our marketing workflows automatically adapt with every candidate click to deliver unique, personalised experiences, while generating data which enables recruiters to be more productive. 

“With iCIMS, our shared vision will enable us to accelerate the adoption of marketing automation technology, for the benefit of recruiters, candidates and hiring managers around the world.”