Posted on May 15, 2019 by staff

Recruitment firm bring London tech talent to North West


A recruitment firm for the world’s biggest tech brands will showcase some of the North West’s best tech companies at an exclusive event in the capital next month.

Talentful hope to attract the top London-based jobseekers to the region, seizing a trend for London tech talent moving North.

The company quotes data from the Office for National Statistics which suggests 10,200 people made the move from London to Manchester last year, many moving back to the region after leaving the North West for the capital.

The event, hosted by Talentful’s Director of Manchester, Liam Waite, on 13th June, will also provide further information about what makes the North-West such a brilliant place to live and work.

This event is part of a commitment by Talentful to facilitate the continued growth of the technology sector in Manchester, which also includes recently partnering with Code Nation.

“I was born and bred in Manchester but, like a lot of people, moved to London to begin my career after university,” said Liam Waite, Talentful Director of Manchester.

“I have recently returned to Manchester and haven’t looked back! At Talentful, we have immersed ourselves in the thriving tech community here in order to continue the growth of the region.”

Now, we’re really excited to be promoting working and living in Manchester directly to the most talented London-based tech candidates – some who may be looking for a move back to the region and some who would be experiencing the North-West for the first time.”