One of Europe’s fastest-growing tech companies, Togather, has raised £7m ($8.5m) in its latest fundraising round and revealed a rebrand.

The UK’s leading event booking platform empowers a broad scope of clients – ranging from corporate event organisers to artisanal food and beverage creators – to book and supply Britain’s most unique and memorable events.

The fundraise was led by VC firm UNTITLED, with support from Material Ventures, Best Nights VC and Fuel Ventures.

Togather started life in 2017 as Feast It, a platform for people to book street food caterers for their birthday parties and weddings, and has grown its workforce to more than 70.

Hugo Campbell, co-founder of Togather, said: “We want to build the best possible product for our incredible community of independent suppliers.

“Our vision is to create a ground-breaking operating system for our supply partners – a tool that can be central to helping them grow, whilst helping to streamline the tough parts of their day-to-day.

“Beyond that we’re really focusing on growing and developing our supplier community, not just signing them up to the platform. We want to feel like a genuine part of the ecosystem.

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“Event suppliers’ lives are far less glamorous than you might imagine, and we want to enable them to concentrate on what they do the best: more of delivering incredible event experiences, and less sweating the small stuff.

“For our customers we want to deliver the best possible experience from the moment they start to even think about their event. We want to be their trusted little black book, that can help them create any event, any time they need. An always-on, digital event concierge.

“Finally, we’ll be investing heavily in the brand. We want to establish a brand that is both instantly recognisable and the go-to for unforgettable event planning solutions.”

Digby Vollrath, CEO and co-founder of Togather, added: “When we started Feast It we were two 20-somethings in a flat-share in Brixton. We needed a name to start trading, and Feast It sounded good enough and we just ran with it.

“Unsurprisingly, six years and a pandemic later, we just don’t feel like it fits us anymore. For one thing, we do so much more than street food – we have venues, bars, photographers, florists on board.

“We also realised that the feasts aren’t individually the most important part of our business. It’s the coming together of people, whether that’s our suppliers, our customers, even our team, that makes an event completely unforgettable.

“That might sound a bit cheesy but we’re deeply passionate about it, and we want everyone else to be too.

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“We want to build a global brand that everybody knows, that’s instantly recognisable, and that’s the go-to for planning an amazing event. We’re confident that with Togather we can do this, and we know that’s going to have such a positive impact on our suppliers and our customers as well.”

The company’s algorithmically-driven technology provides a centralised operating system for consumers and businesses.

The investment will be deployed to accelerate the company’s growth into new territories.

Togather’s marketplace currently hosts over 2,000 independent partners and tripled its sales in 2022 – with projections to double sales in 2023.

Magnus Rausing, founder of UNTITLED, said: “I have been incredibly impressed by Togather’s growth over what has been an extraordinarily difficult past few years.

“Events remain a crazily untapped area in the tech world, and we can’t wait to be involved in the next part of Togather’s journey. I have no doubt they are going to absolutely revolutionise the industry and let people throw the events they deserve to have.”