Climate risk management, data and analytics firm Urgentem (formerly known as Engaged Tracking), has raised £500k from existing investors and appointed a new CEO.

Girish Narula officially took up the role in November 2019 after his roles as Advisor To The Board at Angola-based Banco Económico and London-based Greater Long Mutual, where he worked toward securing a banking licence.

He brings to the role financial analysis and strategic business planning experience across different geographies including India, US, UK and Africa.

Narula also received training in AI from MIT Sloan and an MBA from University of Oxford.

He said of his appointment: “I have been joined in my role as the new CEO by a strengthened Senior Management team and we are also in the process of bringing in new Advisory Board members.

“We have rebranded our company as ‘Urgentem’ (Latin for ‘urgency’) to express our renewed sense of urgency and purpose as a company. Our new name acknowledges a transformed business context in which climate change and ESG are no longer peripheral concerns; rather, they are the most pressing and central topics of discussion and debate for our industry.”

Narula is joined by Stephen Fitzpatrick, formerly of Saatchi and Saatchi and where he servced as Head of Communications, Culture and Wellbeing. They will be joined by Darshan Gadkari, previously CTO of Sapient.

The newly relaunched company has also announced a new climate-risk platform which tracks emissions to help firms meet regulatory and fiduciary reporting requirements.