Posted on February 9, 2018 by staff

Apadmi founder’s new platform to disrupt outdoor ad market


A new Manchester business led by the founder of mobile technology group Apadmi is hoping to disrupt the outdoor advertising market with its new real-time digital platform.

Bidooh is described as a “transparent, self-service, real-time digital advertising platform” that is available to advertisers of every scale.

The automated platform is able to tailor ads and offers to passers-by through the use of cameras, smart sensors and facial analytics on each digital screen.

It allows advertisers to publish an ad within minutes and accurately measure who has viewed each message, enabling them to adjust their plan in real-time.

“Out-of-home (OOH) advertising is seeing a resurgence – fuelled by a growth in digital screens,” said CEO Garry Partington.

“In a world of ad-blockers, on-demand TV and lower circulation figures, advertisers recognise that it’s still a guaranteed way to reach people. But can be expensive, inflexible and reporting isn’t as accurate as marketers would like.

“Bidooh’s platform makes this powerful medium accessible to all budgets. There is no minimum spend, no rigid blocks of time and minimal lead time. Because the platform is self-service and easy to use, small to medium sized businesses now have the same opportunities as the big brands. All they need is a smartphone or a laptop.

“This – along with the unique reporting – makes it a real game-changer. Bidooh combines the ease, accessibility and measurement of online advertising with the reach and power of out-of-home. Advertisers will get maximum impact from this brilliant channel.”

Bidooh is already established in four UK locations, with new screens scheduled in many more locations through 2018.